Fund Manager Partners

The Investment Store is delighted to work with a number of what we believe are high quality and innovative fund managers who are committed to working with professional intermediaries and institutional investors in New Zealand. The Funds offered by our fund manager partners cover a range of asset classes including:

  • International equities (including global smaller companies)
  • Australian and New Zealand equities
  • Global fixed income (credit),
  • Emerging market equities (India)
  • Equity funds that have a focus on ethical, responsible and/or sustainable investing.


The Investment Store currently works with the following Fund Managers1:


Pengana Capital Group (PCG.ASX) is an ASX listed diversified funds management group, with a range of distinct investment strategies that aim to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns to investors. Founded in 2003, Pengana currently manages over AUD$3 billion across a range of international and Australian investment strategies with independent investment teams in Chicago, UK, Israel, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Pengana’s suite of investment products employ active strategies with non-benchmark mandates, giving their investment teams the freedom to invest in their best ideas. They also offer a range of products ethically aware products that allow investors to align their portfolios with their principles without compromising their investment returns. The Investment Store works with Pengana in relation to a number of their strategies including The Pengana International Fund; and the Pengana International Ethical Fund, The Pengana Global Small Companies Fund, The Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund, The Pengana Australian Equities Fund & The Pengana Emerging Companies Fund.

Further information on Pengana and their various investment strategies are available by visiting their website (here).


Bentham Asset Management (PTY) Limited (Bentham) is a specialist fixed income and credit investment manager. Bentham actively manages a number of high yielding funds with varying risk profiles. The portfolios are designed to generate income while diversifying risk in global credit markets. Bentham's goal is to deliver higher income to investors than can generally be achieved in traditional fixed income and equity markets.

The founders of Bentham previously worked together as part of the Credit Investment Group of Credit Suisse Alternative Capital Inc. They are still managing the same portfolios.

Bentham's investment philosophy is based on a strong credit culture and a systematic investment process, with a focus on preservation of principal and protection against downside risk.

For more information on Bentham, please go to their website by clicking here.



India Avenue is an Australian domiciled investment house, dedicated to providing investment solutions for investors seeking to create wealth from the capital markets of India's fast growing economy. The investment firm is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a research affiliate based in Mumbai, India. India Avenue's investment solutions are constructed with the intent of providing optimal exposure to investors based in Australia-Pacific through application of its robust investment process. This process seeks to capture local insights and know-how via a grassroots presence in India, while ensuring that global influences are integrated into decision making.

India Avenue provides investors with additional layers of due diligence, oversight and risk management. This ensures that the solution delivered not only seeks to achieve strong capital growth for investors, but is also cognisant of the need to manage risk.

For more information on India Avenue, please go to their website by clicking here.



Clarity Funds Management is a NZ based investment management business and part of the Investment Services Group (with group assets under management in excess of $NZ4bn). The Investment Store works with Clarity in relation to the Clarity Global Shares Fund. The objective of the Clarity Global Shares Fund is to achieve returns over the medium-term by investing in an actively-managed portfolio of well-diversified securities listed on sharemarkets around the world. Clarity has appointed Boston based global investment manager MFS Investment Management as the investment manager for the Clarity Global Share Fund. The investment mandate combines MFS's fundamental and quantitative research, focusing on high quality, large-cap global companies selling at reasonable valuations with an unrecognised catalyst.

For further information on the Fund, please go to their website by clicking here.


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The Investment Store operates and is contracted as an independent marketer/distributor to Fund Managers. The Investment Store carries on a funds marketing and distribution business to NZ resident professional intermediaries and institutional investors only (who are "Wholesale Clients" as defined by the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013) with a focus on providing marketing resources and expertise to funds management companies.

Working with Fund Managers

Whilst not exclusive, we typically aim to work with fund managers who:

  • Are experts (market leaders) in their area of investment

  • Have an established track record of adding value to investor portfolios

  • Have received positive ratings from independent research rating companies

  • Incorporate ESG factors and other responsible investment practices into their investment process

  • Offer investment solutions (product) to retail New Zealand investors

  • Are co-investors in their investment strategies; and/or have partial or full ownership of the funds management business

  • Charge management fees that are (in The Investment Store's opinion) reasonable and suitably reflect the nature and complexity of the investment strategy.