Information for Fund Managers

What are the benefits of forming a relationship with the Investment Store?

There are a number of ways that boutique or specialist managers can access the New Zealand Market. This includes establishing a sales team or forging a strategic alliance with a large distribution business such as bank or an insurance company. Whilst offering some benefits, they can also prove expensive and limit a manager's ability to grow and gain access to the wider market.

We believe that we offer our partnering managers a great opportunity to grow and diversify their funds under management. In particular, we offer:

  • An in-depth understanding of the professional intermediary and investment industry in NZ
  • A clear view as to the likely trends and growth opportunities
  • An excellent reputation and strong relationships with key gatekeepers, centres of influence and many professional financial intermediaries
  • A high degree of experience and proven track record in successfully marketing managed funds to the NZ market
  • A number of integral services including the development of a tailored sales plan for each partner, a focus on quality execution of business development activities and a commitment to service standards and ongoing communication
  • A cost efficient and growth aligned way for fund manager partners to access and grow their business in NZ
  • A focus on maintaining a high degree of ethics and integrity.

What do we look for in a fund manager relationship?

The Investment Store is interested in working with high quality investment managers. Our criteria are as follows:

  • Managers will have a demonstrable track record of generating strong returns in their area of expertise. For new funds, the fund manager(s) must have a successful track record in managing previous and relevant funds
  • Managers will be highly regarded in their field of expertise. This may take the form of strong independent research ratings and awards or a more general recognition within the industry of being a quality manager
  • They will have a clear, demonstrable and transparent process or approach to investing
  • Managers will be committed to growing their business in the New Zealand market
  • They will be committed to providing additional marketing and educational support to professional financial intermediaries
  • Managers will have a pricing structure that offers "value for money" to investors
  • They will have strong business ethics and integrity
  • They are able to deliver an Offer that complies with all aspects of New Zealand securities and general law
  • They are able to provide quality and regular reports and articles on their funds and areas of expertise
  • Their interests are closely aligned to those of their investors - they are most likely co-investors or are incentivised to generate strong performance
  • There is likely to be significant demand for the Manager's product(s)
  • Incorporate ESG and other responsible investment factors as part of their investment process.

If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by The Investment Store, please call Matthew Mimms on 64 21766 670 or by e-mail to

Why New Zealand?

We believe that the New Zealand market offers specialist investment managers opportunity to grow their business. In particular, New Zealand has:

  • A generally prosperous and stable economy
  • An established and growing mutual funds industry - for example, as at 30 September 2023, total funds under management for the managed funds industry stood at $NZ264.7 billion1
  • An increasingly regulated financial services industry
  • A healthy and growing private retirement industry following the introduction in 2007 of KiwiSaver, a work-place retirement scheme (as of 30 September 2023, KiwiSaver Funds stood at $105.3 billion1)
  • Trans-Tasman mutual recognition of securities agreement (for example, for Australian Managers meeting certain requirements)
  • An English law jurisdiction.

1Source: RBNZ Stats Insight - Managed Funds Survey Q3 2023, 27th November 2023.